Online Theory and Hazard Perception Revision for Trainee LGV Drivers

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LGV With the UK's most complete online Theory Test revision resource you will have unlimited access to EVERYTHINIG you need to pass your Theory & Hazard Module 1a & 1b and Module 2 CPC Case Study first time. In fact, with our online revision tool you're 3 times more likely to pass first time! Join the UK's most complete online Theory Test training solution and gain unlimited access to EVERYTHING you need to pass Modules 1a, 1b and 2 first time. In fact, with our online revision tool you're 3x more likely to pass first time!

Features for Module 1a and 1b

Theory Test

  • Every revision question from the DVSA - the people who set the test.
  • All the DVSA revision questions and answers
  • Sit unlimited mock tests with interactive case studies.
  • Unlimited mock tests
  • Read the DVSA explanations and links to the Highway Code to help you learn and understand the correct answers.
  • DVSA explanations
  • Detailed progress monitor.
  • Detailed progress monitor
  • Optional English voiceover to help those with reading difficulties or dyslexia.
  • Optional voiceover in English to help those with reading difficulties or dyslexia

Hazard Perception

  • Practise using over 700 high quality interactive video clips covering a variety of environments and road conditions to help prepare you for your test.
  • Watch the DVSA's introduction video and sample video clips.
  • Sit unlimited mock tests using high quality video clips.
  • Review each clip to improve your skills.
  • Analyse your performance and find out when you are ready to sit the real test.
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Features for Module 2 CPC Case Study Questions

CPC Questions

  • The largest database of professionally written CPC questions available for trainee LGV & PCV drivers.
  • Practise hundreds of interactive multiple choice questions.
  • Review your answers and read explanations to help improve your skills.
  • Sit hundreds of mock tests that are structured just like the real test.
  • Detailed introduction to the CPC module including everything you need to know about the test, who needs to take it, and how it fits into the licencing system for LGV and PCV drivers.
  • Includes comprehensive learning materials covering every aspect of the DVSA syllabus for the CPC test.
  • Keep track of your progress and find out when you're ready to sit the real test.

Interactive Case Studies

Practise interactive case studies covering the full DVSA syllabus:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Diet and Health
  3. Documentation
  4. Drivers' Hours
  5. EcoSafe Driving
  6. Health and Safety
  7. Incidents, Emergencies and First Aid
  8. Legal Matters
  9. Licensing and Qualifications
  10. Risk Factors
  11. Speed, Height, Weight and Other Limits
  12. Tachograph Use
  13. Technical Matters
  14. Vehicle Loading, Unloading and Security
  15. Vulnerable Road Users
  16. Working Time Directive
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